Trip to San Francisco #4

Soooooo many things happened that make me confused what I should write.

I think I would talk about my day 0. A day before I start my first day, a day where I arrive at San Francisco. After I arrived at the airport, I go to the customs, which was going well, and I took my luggage, which was going well, and then I bought my simcard, which actually a quite not well, because it is so pricey (70$ or so), but I really need it because my simcard can’t use data and I need it to access google map and contact my office, and then I use BART which was going well (I ask around and looked at the people how to buy the ticket). I go to my office by using BART, while bringing my luggage, it’s okay, all road can be accessed by wheelchair user, and fortunately I am using suitcase, a really big suitcase. I think I can put myself into it. 😐

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