30 Days Book Challenge: Day 5

– A Book that make you happy –

What is happiness? When you think you have everything? Or when you are on spirit to do everything? I would take the second as the answer. Book that make me happy that I am on spirit to conquer the world is Laskar Pelangi, no doubt.

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30 Days Book Challenge: Day 1

-Best book you read last year-

Easy, A Song Of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. It is the name of the series, but people might know about it by the name Game of Thrones, the first book of the series. I’ve known about the book for long time from goodreads with so high rating and so many reviews. I believed it is a great books, and it does!

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Writing in English

Yesterday, I was “stabbed” (what is the correct English for “tertohok”?) two times by two different people in twitter about my English. Maybe one of them not intended to do so, but still it was hurt. I realized I use English haphazardly, especially when writing. I just wrote what I think, reflexly. It worked for years, but now it looks like I am loosing my touch with so many errors come up.

So I will try to write more post in English. With that, I mean a complete English, not a mixed English, jumbled English, or half English.

Oh man, it tooks me about half an hour just to write this much. So much rechecked, and still I believe there are mistakes that I missed.