Progress Report!

Did you read my so called resolution? Well yeah. It’s about what happened for last two and half month.

Resolution 1: Write a journal that describe what I did today, everyday, and create a review / retrospect entry every week.

Failed. I only can do it for two or three days. One day I failed, and I failed for every next days. It’s almost impossible to drastically changes your habit. I know it’s important to me, but everything start with a baby step. Leaping through the mountain doesn’t happen in day one. I need help here, any tips or trick to make me less forgetful? At least now I’ll try very hard to do weekly journals.


Resolution 2: Going to gym at least 2 times every week.

Uhm. I don’t track this, but I think I’m quite successful in this. Still have same weight, but noticeable bulkier. Some colleague telling me about the change. Well, I don’t notice that much. Kudos to Ko Arip that helps me as gym buddy and personal trainer.  A round of applause for him, dear reader..


Resolution 3: Read (and finished) one non-fiction book a month.

This is easier to track. I was successful for the first month, but the second month I was a bit late (just finished it 3 days ago). Right now I’ve started 3rd book. First book I read is I’ll teach you how to be rich by Ramit Sethi, and the second book is Effective Engineer by Edmond Lau. Both books are recommended by Gogo, my best-friend — do check him out, he is single and a smart engineer @ facebook 😉 . I will try to write my thought on both books. I swear.

Also, reading non-fiction book teaches me a lot of things, that I overwhelm with the contents. There are moments that I am scared to move on from that part of books, because I worried I forgot what I’ve learnt. I was at fault not wrote it down though. Reviewing the books will made me reopen the book and refresh what I’ve learnt. So please remind me to review it if you are intrigued with the books, but too lazy to read all pages or think the book’s price too expensive.

Resolution 4: Maintain at least one side project that I will uses as breather, start it from scratch, and finish it well, and maintain it well.

It is a bad resolution. I don’t know how to track it, I don’t know why I think that side project will be a breather, and I don’t know what is finish it well. It’s too vague.

What I know is I’m right now involved in a side project. Does I’m doing it well? I think I can do better. Does I enjoy it? I don’t think I enjoy it. Does it start from scratch? Yeah, mostly. Finish and maintain it? Still long way to go.

Resolution 5: Start investing. Start small. End with a house (spouse included – Amen).

While reading Ramit’s book, I started investing, opening this and that account, maintain my credit score, things like this and that. But house? Oh man… Sometimes reality is just hard. I believe I can afford it later in my life. But in near future? Or next year? I still can’t see any light other than getting me into a debt, which contradict the investment goals. What I can do is saving for down payment, and take the debt to buy the house, but the house needs to be able to generate money, or I will drown on the debt. I was very naive with money.


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