Weak Resolve

Often, I think myself have a weak resolve.

It’s the third time I promise I’ll consistently write something in my blog. But you know what? Human is weak. It’s okay for them to have failure. You just need to try it again. People always saying failures is part of success. The important thing is to not give up because of one failure.

It’s not about mistake, but it’s about learning. Don’t give a same context for them. When you heard “donkey never fall to the same hole”, don’t be discouraged to try something that you have tried and failed. Donkey’s problem is different with human problem.

It’s in human nature to make mistakes and mistakes before he can fully understand. Not just causally understand, “I should not move that way because I will fall to hole”, but totally understand, “There is a hole there, it’s 5m deep and 2m width, I can use rope if I want to go in, and I can step aside to move past it. But the hole is created to trap wild animals, not to hide from enemy, so I should get away from here fast”.

In the end, don’t afraid to try something, whether it’s the first or second try, just because you don’t want to make mistake. It’s always better trying to do something instead of doing nothing.


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