Trip to San Francisco #4

Soooooo many things happened that make me confused what I should write.

I think I would talk about my day 0. A day before I start my first day, a day where I arrive at San Francisco. After I arrived at the airport, I go to the customs, which was going well, and I took my luggage, which was going well, and then I bought my simcard, which actually a quite not well, because it is so pricey (70$ or so), but I really need it because my simcard can’t use data and I need it to access google map and contact my office, and then I use BART which was going well (I ask around and looked at the people how to buy the ticket). I go to my office by using BART, while bringing my luggage, it’s okay, all road can be accessed by wheelchair user, and fortunately I am using suitcase, a really big suitcase. I think I can put myself into it. 😐

When I arrived in front of the building where my office located, Ellen comedown and take me upstair (or uplift? whatever). I put my luggage in the guest room. And I am introduced to some people, and to my mentor, Chris. After that Ellen took me around the office, and I asked her some question about the work ethics, like when the work time and what is the dress code. I am really happy with the answer.

  • You can work anytime, as long as the total is 40 hours a week
  • You can come with anything to work. You will be laughed if you are using suit, though. You wanted to use short, or even sandals, that’s okay.
  • You can take anything from the kitchen, we have cereal, snack and many kind of drink

And you know what, after a minute or so, Chris take me in a daily meeting. Of course, I don’t know and don’t understand a thing what was we talking about. He introduced me to the team at the end of 10 minutes meeting.

Next I was having lunch with the teams. The lunch for that day is sushi! I was hungry, so I took two portion and that was because someone right before my turn took two portion, so I think it is a good chance. I also introduce myself into some people at the table.

And you know what, I am going to another meeting. This one for half an hour. And again, I understand nothing. I can’t even listen what sentence they said. I only hear something like, “So we …… and ……., how about ……”. 😐 You know what? I am already freaking out.

After that, I set up my laptop and asked something about the project (I was thinking I am doing bad, so at least let me a good thing). Well you might remember that I was being sent a laptop from the office, where the laptop already filled with the game code, unfortunately I can’t run it from the commit. So I asked Chris about that, and luckily, he can’t run it too! Looks like the checkout version in my laptop is not a good one, so he go to other teams who work on that part to fix it. A minute later, taa-daa, the application is running on my laptop! And I can trace it better! At least I am able to do something, even if they said I should do nothing because my first day is tomorrow.

After that I am going to my place for staying. You know, I didn’t able to get the apartment to stay, so I am staying in a kind of motel. Many reason that I am unable to find an apartment:

  • I am searching for a short term
  • I have late start in searching (I started searching in middle of May)
  • It is summer (people around the world come around)
  • I don’t know what is BART (if I know, I will expand my area of search)
  • I am male. (seriously, I will have better luck if I am female)
  • and, it is San Francisco! (seriously, it is hard)

So I arrive at my place to stay, and talk to some people, and went with this guy to buy dinner, and we (10 or more people) eat dinner at the dinner hall. After that I went to the work room to use internet (my room is really small, and it is for 4 people). And then I go to sleep at midnight. Fortunately I am not having a jetlag. πŸ™‚

Okay, that’s the first day in San Francisco and Day 0 at office! I am trying to put it as short as possible, but it is still long. And I still have many days which will be more interesting. Oh yeah, I haven’t took any picture yet. You know, the term in Indonesia is jaimΒ πŸ˜›


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