Trip to San Fransisco #3 – On the plane

I will talk about both the plane and compare them.

Seriously, JAL win this match. I wish JAL is the airlines that used for going to SFO from NRT, but no, JAL used from CKG to NRT. JAL have more comfy seat, and have personal tv. Yes, you can watch film and listen to music. There are so many films and musics. I watch two movie while on the plane, something about people buying a zoo (I forgot the title), and “This Means War”, about 2 CIA agents that compete for a girl. There are also anime and japanese drama. But I skip that.

Meanwhile, delta don’t have personal tv. And unfortunately for me, they show “This Means War” on the tv. ­čśÉ I should watched another film on JAL. I don’t watch another film. I just turn on my laptop and do some reading about my intern material that have been given to me since a week or so. Luckily, the laptop use SF time. So when I look at the laptop and saw 3 AM, I felt sleepy. So I turn off my laptop and going to sleep. At 8 AM or so I wake up. And half hour later, we landed.

Oh yeah, another experience I have on the flight is when eating. On JAL, they give me sausage and other thing. The sausage’s color is weird, kind of grayish, my mind betray me by telling that’s a ham. I tried to tell myself that’s impossible, but when I bite, my mind changed. I called the flight attendant and ask them, what kind of sausage is this. Luckily, that’s not a ham. So I eat that and tried not to think about it. Hungry defeat my mind. Meanwhile on Delta, they ask me what kind of meat I want, chicken or beef, and I answer with beef. When I got the food, and I look for my┬áneighbor which answer with chicken, and we have this meat that looks same. So I asked again to the flight attendant, and they told me it’s beef. Okay, might be I misheard┬á┬áit.

I seat on the window on JAL, and luckily, both the seat on aisle and mid of my line is empty, so I used 3 seat for myself. But that luck didn’t happen at Delta, and I lose all my luck, because I sit in very middle, where I can’t see anything at windows, and I need to ask people to move out when I go to toilet.

Well, that’s all!


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