Trip to San Fransisco #2 – Narita

I was at Narita for 8 hours or so. I arrived at 7.25 AM, and got into the next flight at 3:00PM. Narita have 2 hours differences from Indonesia Western Time. It is 2 hours faster than Indonesia. Here are some pictures that I took while there.

After I arrive, I need to wait for a bus that took me to another terminal. It’s not far, just like in Soekarno Hatta. But only can be reached by bus, because I only transit here. I didn’t see the schedule of the bus, so I missed the first bus when I went to toilet, and I need to wait another half hour.

When I reach the transit terminal, I found the information desk, so I just asked what to do to get my boarding pass. She told me to check-in after 12 at Delta (my airways name). So there are 6 and half hours more to go. Because my HP battery is low, I just go to place where the plug available, turn on my laptop and charged my phone. I contact my family and friend, and that’s 3 hour for ya.

After my phone’s battery full, I walk around and take the picture. I also do some money change, just curious to get some yen to get some food for lunch.

At 1 pm, I went to Delta’s desk and get my ticket (not a boarding pass). They told me to get the boarding pass at gate 14. I didn’t understand fully, I just heard that I need to go to gate 14. There I go, and nothing is there but another Delta’s desk located near the gate. I take the queue, and when it’s my turn, she asked me “what do I need”. 😐 So in the case, I just need to wait near the boarding time and change my ticket to boarding pass. Because the seat is not assigned yet. That’s one hour for you.

I went to toilet, and find a place that can be used to pray. And when I got back and sit around the gate 14, the call for boarding coming up. And good bye Narita! See you until 8th September!

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