30 Days Book Challenge: Day 8

– Most Overrated Book –

Twilight, of course. Most of the fan have a very biased opinion. They just haven’t read many books. I read the first book, it was okay, and I tried to read the second. I was wondering why I was able to complete that, oh yeah, I was in hospital and have nothing to do. The second book it too forced. It doesn’t need to be a main story but it made as a main story. Okay, I might be also have a biased opinion, but yeah, peoples should read more books before telling me twilight is a good story.

Another overrated is Harry Potter. No, it isn’t bad. It was good, really. It is just overrated. After you read a better book, you can’t idolize Harry Potter as before, and  pity who can’t move on. The book is good, really, but don’t make the idolizing made your opinion biased so you would not think there will be no other books better. I would like to say Harry Potter is a beginner’s book. Books to welcome people to the written world of the fantasy.


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