30 Days Book Challenge: Day 5

– A Book that make you happy –

What is happiness? When you think you have everything? Or when you are on spirit to do everything? I would take the second as the answer. Book that make me happy that I am on spirit to conquer the world is Laskar Pelangi, no doubt.

Laskar Pelangi is Indonesian novel that motivated me to believe in dream and trying to do everything. The series also have the same name, and the sequel is Sang Pemimpi, Edensor, and Maryamah Karpov. The first 3 books is good enough, but I love Sang Pemimpi the best. Unfortunately, Maryamah Karpov is a garbage. I have big hope for Andrea Hirata, the writer. I wait for the next series, and then when Maryamah Karpov released, I hate him the most and never look at any of his books anymore. Even the other series.

The first three books told you that everything you do, you will achieve something good, you will reach your dream, and make you believe you can do anything. The fourth is saying, “I lied, actually the world is suck, better going home and not doing anything”. F U. You give me dream and crush it.

Wait a minute, the title isn’t consistent anymore. 😐

Whatever, the answer is Laskar Pelangi, you should read the books and be motivated to reach your dream so you’ll be happy. Just read until 3rd book, though.


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