30 Days Book Challenge: Day 3

– Your Favorite Series –

Twilight. No, I am kidding. The world must be end if that’s happened. I wanted to answer Song of Ice and Fire, but it isn’t finished yet, and it is just not interesting if I always answer with George’s series.

My favorite series is….

Deltora series. It is old. I read it when middle high, or grade school, not remember exactly. Why I don’t answer with Mistborn, Inheritance, Narnia, Percy Jackson, Kane,  Black Magician, Priestess of the White, or any other series? Because after all this year, Deltora still make an expression to me. All others are do,  but it is kind of hazy, and Deltora is more memorable. Or maybe because I read it as a kid when I still have good memory.

The story is fantasy (of course), and gems is the source of magic.  The most memorable part is DELTORA word, which is the name of kingdong and abbreviation of gems. D = Diamond, E = Emerald, L = Lapiz Lazuli, T = Topaz, O = Opal, R = Ruby, A = Amethyst.

Always, when talking about gem, I can remember the word of Deltroa.

Now if I think it again, it is not that interesting because so many series better. 😐

But if I must says what my favorite right now is Mistborn. Or Trudi’s series if you wanted more love in the story. Or Inheritance if you wanted dragon, elf, dwarf. Or Hunger Games if you are psycopath enough. Or Harry Potter if you want more relaxed stories. Or Narnia if you still a noob or a kid to train your imagination.

Oh whatever. It is just a very hard question. Every books I like are my favorite.


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