30 Days Book Challenge: Day 2

– A book that you’ve read more than 3 times –

Unfortunately, none. I read novel only once. Eragon series with 2 times read in the top of the list. I’ve a mindset that reading a same book is a waste. You know what will happen, you know what you will learn. It’s better reading a new book. There are sooo many books out there waiting to read that reading a book that have already been read is a waste.

The only reason to read a book again is because you forget what the story is. Inheritance (the series name of Eragon) is a trilogy-which-to-big-as-trilogy-so-it-become-a-cycle. I was re-read them when Inheritance (the last book of the series) about to release, and my memories jumbled about what happened in 3rd book. And there is no other book I can read and that was holiday and I was so bored.

I might be re-read some books, great books that I want to made alive inside me, but not now. Re-read can wait until I got no to-read-list.


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