Trip to San Francisco #4

Soooooo many things happened that make me confused what I should write.

I think I would talk about my day 0. A day before I start my first day, a day where I arrive at San Francisco. After I arrived at the airport, I go to the customs, which was going well, and I took my luggage, which was going well, and then I bought my simcard, which actually a quite not well, because it is so pricey (70$ or so), but I really need it because my simcard can’t use data and I need it to access google map and contact my office, and then I use BART which was going well (I ask around and looked at the people how to buy the ticket). I go to my office by using BART, while bringing my luggage, it’s okay, all road can be accessed by wheelchair user, and fortunately I am using suitcase, a really big suitcase. I think I can put myself into it. 😐

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Trip to San Fransisco #1 – From CGK to NRT

I’ve been abroad to Singapore, Malaysia, Arab Saudi, and Thailand. But never been alone. The smallest group consist of two people, to Singapore.

So this trip to San Fransisco to intern at Pocket Gems is my first trip abroad with myself. You might be remember that I have been invited to intern at Pocket Gems and passed the interview test, and I have some problem with getting Visa. Thursday, 1 week 4 days (yes, I count every day passed) after interview with the embassy, I got a phone call that told me to send my passport to embassy, just put it to nearest RPX office (FedEx). So I went to RPX and give my passport to be sent and contact Pocket Gems. At Monday, I called the embassy again, asking for my Visa status, and they said it haven’t been finished yet. Fortunately, without any news, at Tuesday, the 3rd office day after I sent my passport, the courier bringing my passport knocked my door.

I give the news to Ellen, Pocket Gems HR that I keep contact with. An hour after I give the news, she told me to be ready for flight that night, 12 hour right at the time I read the email. Panicked? Kind of, I’ve already packed my belonging since two weeks before, I just worried what I might forgot to bring. But 6 hours passed and she still give no confirmation. So I told her that it’s impossible for that night flight. I got the ticket for the next day, and will return to Indonesia at Sept 9, 2 weeks after schools start.

The flight transits to Tokyo (Narita) first, before continue the flight to San Fransisco 8 hours after arriving. Right now I am at Narita, after arrived with Japan Airlines with flight number JAL 726. I will continue the flight with Delta 208, and scheduled to arrive at San Fransisco at 9:35AM local time. I don’t have any photos yet, my phones battery are low so I can’t catch any pictures. I will update later with some picture of quarantine transit room at Narita airport. I can’t get out from airport, unfortunately.

Please wish me a safe trip! 🙂

30 Days Book Challenge: Day 9

– A Book You Thought You Wouldn’t Like But Ended Up Loving –

Well, this is rather hard question. If I don’t think I wouldn’t like it why I waste my time while there are so many other books? There are books I thought I wouldn’t like, but ended up thinking it was okay instead of loving it. One of it is Twilight, but only the first book. Then D.I.A (and Indonesian novel), and then Icylandar, and then…. Wait a minute, there is a book that I thought I wouldn’t like but ended up loving it!! Laskar Pelangi!! I forget that I was not that eager to read the book. The book is my sister’s, so it is not me wanted to reading it, it just there and I don’t have enough resource to get my own book yet. So, that is, Laskar Pelangi.

30 Days Book Challenge: Day 8

– Most Overrated Book –

Twilight, of course. Most of the fan have a very biased opinion. They just haven’t read many books. I read the first book, it was okay, and I tried to read the second. I was wondering why I was able to complete that, oh yeah, I was in hospital and have nothing to do. The second book it too forced. It doesn’t need to be a main story but it made as a main story. Okay, I might be also have a biased opinion, but yeah, peoples should read more books before telling me twilight is a good story.

Another overrated is Harry Potter. No, it isn’t bad. It was good, really. It is just overrated. After you read a better book, you can’t idolize Harry Potter as before, and  pity who can’t move on. The book is good, really, but don’t make the idolizing made your opinion biased so you would not think there will be no other books better. I would like to say Harry Potter is a beginner’s book. Books to welcome people to the written world of the fantasy.

30 Days Book Challenge: Day 7

– Most Underrated Book –

Hmm. I don’t know. I only read fantasy, and almost every books I read whether already famous, or famous after I read (it does happen with Golden Compass). I would like to answer with Mistborn, but it is going to have a movie and a games, I wouldn’t say that underrated. I think I will answer with Indonesian Fantasy Fiction (fanfic). Such as Ther Melian, Icylandar, and many other (I have only read that two though). They have potential, and Indonesian fanfic will keep improving, I think.