Thieves, in My Room

So 2 days ago when I was sleeping there is a thief who entered my room. He is brave and stupid enough. Actually there are two of them, no there is three.

Okay so here is the story.

I slept at 3AM that day and my cousin, slept at 1AM. At half past 7, I suddenly woke up, and then I look up at the door which was open, and there were two people standing. When I rose up, both of them suddenly running. I didn’t think and just run after them. I yelled “WOY!” and then I heard something dropped. I didn’t wait and look up, keeping with them.

At that time I only saw one people and another man who sat at his motorbike. When I look at him he just shrugged which make me ignore him. I chase the one who running, and when at the mouth of an alley I shout “MALING!!” at him. Exactly when I screamed the one who at the bike run away. I believe he is with the other two.

I gave up chasing and back to my room to check my belonging. Both of my laptop and my cousin’s missing. I run out of the room and saw one of the thief had been caught by cisitu’s people. I asked him about my laptop. He didn’t confess. Some of cisitu’s people starting to hit him. I stop them. Trying to tell no use to hit him. One of the cisitu’s found a bag, and inside is both of our laptop. Looks like that’s was what thrown.

He still didn’t confess. He said he is only selling stickers. people’s starting to hit him again. And I stopped them again. The sticker was thrown at the floor, maybe when he is running. When I asked why running he answered because he is scared. Stupid answer indeed. And I found the very same sticker he say’s being sold inside the bag which have the stolen bag. Still he didn’t confess. Then police come.

I, my cousin, and him go to the police station. He is beaten there, until he confess. He did confess after that, made me thinking he should has been beaten from the start. But he didn’t says who was his friends. I should have let him beaten till die before.

They found his STNK inside the wallet, and asked him where is the bike. He said he didn’t know. Stupid answer, again and again. Beaten again. He confess his friend with him, but he didn’t know where he live. Well enough. I have already driven by anger. If I have chance to rewind, I will let people’s beaten him before.

Mine and cousin’s laptop being taken by the police, and also my cousin’s BlackBerry. We cannot take it, whatever the reason, even if I need it badly. There are procedure’s, they say. Okay. Let’s we see the procedure.


** Sorry I am using English, and I realize there must be many grammars mistake, if not more. But I was using Swype when typing this,  and no Swype with Bahasa in my phone.


2 respons untuk ‘Thieves, in My Room

  1. itu kok bisa kebuka pintunya, lupa nutup pintu kau din?
    wah, coba awak lagi lewat situ din, bisa ikut pukul2 si maling kan…
    btw dah ada hape lagi? iphone kah

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