Social Post Moderators Wanted

I just read today Freshly Pressed, and you should read this too if you are a social networker.

Social Post Moderators Wanted.

My Opinion:

Well, in some side, this is true. I do agree, why do they post something like that? In my opinion, they just need a place to run from reality. But for others it is annoying, right? It is actually simple, we just need to remove them from friend.
“But they are my friend!”, if they are, then you should understand them. And a friend can give one minute to write “poor you” when her/his goldfish die. What? Some of them isn’t your friend? That’s your fault for confirming them as friend. It is what social network should be actually, a social, between friends, not with some stranger you-don’t-know-who-but-he/she-added-me-as-friend.


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